The Circulation


The circulation consists of three systems named arterial, venous and lymphatic. Each of these systems consists of interconnecting pipes known as vessels that carry blood and blood products around the body.

The arterial system carries blood rich in oxygen from the heart to all the organs and tissues in the body. The venous system returns that blood once its oxygen has been delivered, back to the heart and lungs in order to be enriched again with oxygen. The lymphatic system works in conjunction with the venous system in returning any residual fluid from the tissues back to the heart.

In general terms the circulation can be affected by conditions that cause the vessels to narrow down (stenosis), block off (occlude) or even expand in an abnormal fashion (aneurysm). Patients with circulation problems should see their primary care physician (GP) and may require referral to the Vascular Surgeon.

A description of some of the more significant conditions that can cause problems with the circulation is provided below.

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The Circulation

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